Frequently asked questions

General questions

After purchasing a paid IRRISketch subscription, you need to activate it manually in your personal account at the link:,

where your subscription will be in the right column. After activation, you will be able to freely use all paid functionality of the service.

In this case, you need to go to your personal account by following this link:

Look at the button at the bottom of the order. The red "Repeat" button means that the payment failed and you should try again, but first check to see if the money has been charged.

If you have been seeing the yellow "Payment in progress" button for a long time, chances are that the transaction has not happened automatic confirmation. If this is the case, click this button to complete it and everything should work.

After the successful payment and completion of the transaction you will see a green "Payment Verified" button. Click it and your subscription will appear in the right column.

Questions about projects

(This method will only work in browsers that have Developer Tools)

1. Open the same browser, on the same computer where you last worked on the project

2. Go to the IRRISketch workshop and open the project with the problem

3. If a window prompting to restore the project appears when you open the project, click the "Restore" button and see the result. If the project has not been restored to the required state, continue following the instructions

4. Open the developer tools (In most browsers - the F12 button) and open the Console tab as shown in the image below:

5. Enter the following command into the console and press Enter:


6. A list of autosaves will appear (usually the last 12) ( Autosave is done every ten minutes, So 12 × 10 = 120 min = 2 hours) It will look something like this:

If something like this came up:

Then press the triangle symbol ( ▶ ) to expand the list ( ▼ )

7. In the list of autosaves, select the time at which, according to your calculations, the project was in the most and see what number is at the beginning of that line.

8. Type the following text into the console:

autobackup.RAS(*Paste the number from the previous paragraph here*)

9. Make sure that the restored condition meets your requirements. If not, call the command from the previous point with a different number until you find the desired state.

To display the grid when printing, it must be placed on the drawing as an image. You can download the grid, for example from here, and then scale it on the drawing to the desired size.

To do this, you can download the project file using the appropriate button on the top right panel After that, create an empty project on a new account and using the "Download" button, open the downloaded project.
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